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WOF INSPECTIONS - For Cars, Vans, 4x4s, Lights Trucks, Trailers

A “Warrant of Fitness” inspection is a safety inspection that must be carried out on your vehicle at regular intervals.

  • New vehicle that has never been registered a WOF is issued for 3 years.
  • Vehicle was first registered  more than two years ago, but less than three years ago a WOF will be issued for 12 months
  • Vehicle was first registered after 2000 WOF will be issued for 12 months
  • Vehicle was first registered before 2000 WOF will be issued for 6 months


The purchase of a motor vehicle is a significant investment. We recommend that you have any vehicle you are interested in purchasing inspected prior to completing the purchase.
With a good inspection result you will be able to negotiate a fair price that allows for any repairs that may be necessary, while a bad result may save you buying a lemon.

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